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Menu Tastings - By Appointment Only

Tastings are conducted so that you may sample your proposed menu on your estimate. You must submit a client assessment to obtain an estimate prior to scheduling a tasting. There is a nominal tasting fee of $39.99 per person due the time, labor and ingredients of preparing the menu selections. Your selected menu will be made fresh the day of your scheduled tasting. From your estimate, we will prepare up to two appetizers, main course including full portions, one beverage and one dessert. Our availability for tastings is on Mondays through Wednesdays between the hours of 12PM-6PM and by appointment only. Our office can accommodate up to six guests and three vehicles.

After your tasting is concluded, we will reserve your event date for up to one week to allow ample time to make payment arrangements for your deposit.  After that time, your event date will become available to other potential clients.

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